Friday November 16, 2018

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Official Resources: Auto Loans
Buying a Car? Read This First!
Here are some tips to help you get the best deal on a new or used car. Most people are all too familiar with the experience of visit... Read More
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User Resources: Auto Loans
Credit Score Impact for being taken off a car l...
Posted by
Hello! I am the primaryu and my husband is the co-signer for our car loan.  He will need to get a new car for himself and I wasn't sure if having him on my loan already would hurt his chance of getting his own car loan.  If I remove him will that hurt his credit score (ie - remove the history of our timely payments from his cr... Read More
name removal from auto l...
Posted by carilynn
how can i remove my name as a co borrower on... Read More
auot l...
Posted by carilynn
how can i remove my name as a co borrower on a auto... Read More
Refinance high interest or eliminate car l...
Posted by rocnjohn
My interest rate is 24% and after 2yrs of paying on this car I still owe double what it's worth. What can I do to reduce this? The monthly payments are killing me. What can I do? Trade it or refinance...I need ... Read More
Student loans that are currently deffe...
Posted by philliard
How do student loans effect your credit when they are still in deferment status and what happens when they are out... Read More
Co-Signer of a CAR L...
Posted by crapney
I co-signed for a vehcile and now it appears that the original owner is not holding up their end of the loan, and is making payments late. I do not want my credit to get affected anymore. but it seems like getting the original signer to refinance the vehicle under her name is almost impossible. If we made arrangements for the bank to take the car back, how bad would that mark my credit? or is there another revenue i can take to getting my name of t... Read More
Saving on loan with lump sum payme...
Posted by simon
If I have an auto loan with a 20 percent interest rate, and I make a 3,000 lump sum payment to the 9,000 principle, how much would I ... Read More
How can I eliminate an auto lo...
Posted by meridithgarza06
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