Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Official Resources: Credit Cards
Credit Cards-What's Your Best Deal?
It pays to search for the best deals on credit cards.  With some due diligence online you can surface some pretty strong credit... Read More
Top 10 Worst Credit Card Company Practices
The following list will come as no surprise to those of you who have felt the sting of credit card industry practices - or listened to ca... Read More
Fight Back!
Here's What You Can Do:Avoid common credit card traps.Avoid credit cards with Universal Default clauses, Double-Cycle Billing, and other ... Read More
Interest Rates: How High Can They Go?
The amount of interest that credit card companies can charge cardholders is determined by state laws where the credit card company is loc... Read More
What's the Deal With Two-Cycle Billing?
Beware of credit card companies that have two-cycle billing. Here's how it works: Most banks normally calculate month interest charges ba... Read More
Why are Credit Card Companies Coming Under Intense Fire?
Increasingly, credit card companies are being accused of predatory marketing and business practices. Marketing risk managers for credit c... Read More
Credit Cards-Compare Best Offers
How many credit cards do you carry?  Are you paying too much? Be smart when it comes to credit cards.  If you use credit ... Read More
Compare Credit Card Offers Online
The number of credit card offers is staggering.  So how do you separate the good deals from the bad, those that you would ... Read More
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User Resources: Credit Cards
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Determining credit card income requirements before submitting applicat...
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Is there any way to find out what the minimum income requirements are for individual credit card companies before applying for the card? There is one I would like to apply for, but my income has drastically dropped recently and I do not want a denial to affect my credit score and I have read that the company really wants people in the 100k+ income cate... Read More
30-day late will prevent me from getting a mortg...
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I have a credit card that I was being billed for in the mail.  They convinced me to go billness and pay on line.  I agreed.  They are supposed to notify you when a payment is due by e-mail.  They didn't.  As a consequence, they reported a 30-day late to the credit bureau.  We are supposed to settle on a house in a few days and I am afraid that this report will keep us from getting the house as my credit was medium.  Is there anything I can do about the report and about discussing this with my mort... Read More
personal finan...
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what are the features of installment c... Read More
personal fina...
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what are the features of installment c... Read More
credit car...
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will applying for credit cards or having too many credit cards negatively impact your c... Read More
credit card d...
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i recently paid down these crads: capitol one  $750 down to $0.00 citi line of credit from $10,000 down to $1300 citi $3500 down to $600 first premier $250 down to $0.00 every one reported except for the citi line of credit which was paid down, the account still showed I owed 10,000 but they said they treported this to the bureau and it would take thirty day will I see a boost in my score I need it to ... Read More
Finance Charge or Interest Char...
Posted by mavorinejohnson
As of the present date, all of the credit cards in my name access a finance charge and also an APR. What has happened to the i... Read More
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