Sunday May 20, 2018

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Official Resources: Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling
It is important to use credit wisely. "If you do get in over your head, know that you are not alone. There is some good news: Millions o... Read More
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User Resources: Credit Counseling
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My wife and I are victims of a ponzi type scam. We have lost all three of our houses, 2 to forclosure, and 1 short sale. We invested abou... Read More
pay collection agency
Posted by
I have been making payments to an agency called fma alliance. I just got my credit report and they are not even listed on the report.&nbs... Read More
Debt not reported
Posted by jhbuild
Allied Interstate has been leaving automated messages on my answering machine for six months. I have not contacted them to verify the deb... Read More
Paid Debt not being reported
Posted by yohenz
My husband had paid several thousands of dollars to clear his debt. The companies stated that it would take up to 90 days for the informa... Read More
Afni debt collection agency???
Posted by coryforsenate
Hi, I'm curious about debt collection rules. I had an account with verizon up to May 2008 and I canceled the account that month. Apparent... Read More
Debt Relief for My Husband and Me
Posted by Inneckdeep
My husband and I have made some irresponsible decisions over the last three years, having purchased furniture for our new condo on credit... Read More
Could you help me?
Posted by hugoalexgv
Hello, I heard about you in the radio and I would like to know if you help people in Mexico, or if you know about a organization that do... Read More
Posted by appobene
I got a letter from CA purporting I owe VERIZON and they bought the debt.I could NOT dispute that within 30 day period then later i sent ... Read More
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