Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Official Resources: Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling
It is important to use credit wisely. "If you do get in over your head, know that you are not alone. There is some good news: Millions o... Read More
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User Resources: Credit Counseling
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My wife and I are victims of a ponzi type scam. We have lost all three of our houses, 2 to forclosure, and 1 short sale. We invested about a half million dollars, all we had. We were promised a 12% monthly payment on our investment and were assured that our money was not invested in real estate. In  any case we lost it all. My wife was retired and I had returned to college when all this mess occurred. Since then I have returned to work as well as my wife, we have both been working over 12 hours a day just to keep up and have a $1000 a month deficit we cannot meet. Our credit is gone. What would you rec... Read More
pay collection age...
Posted by
I have been making payments to an agency called fma alliance. I just got my credit report and they are not even listed on the report.  The original credit card debt is on the report. Should I keep mak... Read More
Debt not repor...
Posted by jhbuild
Allied Interstate has been leaving automated messages on my answering machine for six months. I have not contacted them to verify the debt, but have noticed that they have not reported me to the credit reporting agencies yet. I am afraid that if I contact them they will report the debt and it will affect my otherwise good credit score. What... Read More
Paid Debt not being repor...
Posted by yohenz
My husband had paid several thousands of dollars to clear his debt. The companies stated that it would take up to 90 days for the information to be reported and for it to show on our credit. Only one company has reported so far.  After spending hours on the pone with the collections agencies I have gotten no where. How to I get the credit bureau to report our paid accounts so our record show that we have p... Read More
Afni debt collection agency...
Posted by coryforsenate
Hi, I'm curious about debt collection rules. I had an account with verizon up to May 2008 and I canceled the account that month. Apparently, the service rep messed up and left my account open. I got a letter from a collection agency saying that I owe $72.57 for a verizon bill. After I explained to them in writing that I canceled the service in May and if the service rep left my account open by mistake, I can't be responsible for that, they sent a letter that said they confirmed the debt with verizon. Nothing more, not how the debt originated or anything.Any idea on what I should do next? My account had always been paid in full up to the month (May) that I called to cancel. In addition to calling to cancel, I unplugged the DSL in May and never used it again, so I don't see how they can say I ... Read More
Debt Relief for My Husband and...
Posted by Inneckdeep
My husband and I have made some irresponsible decisions over the last three years, having purchased furniture for our new condo on credit, buying a car out of our budget, and having a mortgage that is also beyond our budget.  See, we are both mid-career PhD students now, he's gone part-time while he kept his full time job and I went back full-time.  We both commute to different cities (he commutes to DC and I commute to Baltimore).  We are living paycheck by paycheck barely and it's bringing us down. We need to get out of debt but where do we start? Who can we go to?  I have heard that some people in our situation sell everything and start anew with a more humble life. Is that the solution?  But how can we be sure that we can even sell our furniture etc at reasonable prices to pay off some of our debt?  Extremely worried and frustr... Read More
Could you help ...
Posted by hugoalexgv
Hello, I heard about you in the radio and I would like to know if you help people in Mexico, or if you know about a organization that does it... Thank you very much, Hugo Gutiérrez ... Read More
Posted by appobene
I got a letter from CA purporting I owe VERIZON and they bought the debt.I could NOT dispute that within 30 day period then later i sent them a letter for request of validation...stating I never had an acct with verizon...to my shagrine they placed it on my credit reports.. What... Read More
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