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Official Resources: Credit Help
How to Contact Credit Bureaus
Consumers who want to repair their credit report today have a convenient way to check their credit, and should they find information that... Read More
Correcting Errors On Your Credit Report
If you want to fix your credit report, here is the most important thing for you to know: You can do it yourself. If you want to fix your ... Read More
Step-By-Step Credit Report Review and Dispute Process
Upon verification of your identity, you can get your credit report online, or you may get your 3-in-1 Credit Report, which contains a sid... Read More
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User Resources: Credit Help
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Will paying a car payment within your grace period have a negative effect on your credit score?
Sent to credit agency without notification
Posted by
We purchased an investment property and have it under contract in a lease to own situation to someone else.  We hold the title and I... Read More
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what is non installment credit
Credit Score
Posted by
Do the banks use your credit score only?
collection agency
Posted by
can a collection agency still report each month to all three credit agency's after the debt is paid and the account closed.
credit report
Posted by
whats the worst thing from first to last you can have on your credit report
Apt Move Out Charges
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I was charged $200 move out charges from an apartment because they said I did not paint the room the right color.  I was told t... Read More
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can a debt be reported to the credit agency over and over after be sold several times?
Collection Agency and the Credit Bureau
Posted by luvgwife
To make a long story short.  Emergency room visit turned in to 4 separate charges.  I have been making payments on them since I... Read More
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