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my bad cre...
Posted by cajun2478
Hi my name is Elizabeth Hebert. I got divorced in 2004 and my ex-husband and I had a boat note together. In the divorced he got the boat. Now he hasn't been paying the note on it and it is brought my credit score down very low because he did not refinance it. What can I do about this? I can not get any loans. It states in the divorce papers that he is responable for this loan and not me.  I have had problems with my credit before but was always able to get a loan. The boat is about to get repossed and he said the only way i could get it is if i refinanced the boat in my name. I can't do that now because of my credit. Is there anything I can do about this other than just let it repo? I am not going to pay for something I don't have but yet I'm being punnished for it through my credit. I don't know how all the laws work but to me there should be something I can do about this. If not than I guess my Credit will be bad for 7 years. It seems no matter what I try it doesn't work. I tired to get a loan for people with bad credit and yet I couldn't. Why is it that it says we finance people with bad credit and than turn around and tell them NO? I am trying to help the bank get their money but no one wants... Read More
Credit Card Rel...
Posted by advance_spec
Are Credit Card Relief Programs... Read More
Credit Card Rel...
Posted by advance_spec
Does credit card relief harm credit scores?  My credit is just getting built up good, but due to job change I might have trouble making the payments on my credit cards on time and I don't want to ruin my credit.  So I found the Credit Card Relief Now program and don't know if it's... Read More
Shouldn't I have an opportunity to save my credit rati...
Posted by ohiopackerbacker
I recently was reported to the credit bureau for unpaid medical bills incurred by my wife(most likely before we married).  They did not attempt to contact me to give me an opportunity to settle this debt.  To try to make this short, I had a medical bill in my name from a local hospital.  Instead of mailing back the bill, we went to the hospital to pay it directly, along with a few other medical bills.  Somehow that bill was not found in their system leading us to believe it must have already been paid... until a collection agency bill arrived.  When my wife called to pay this bill, she was asked her information.  They then linked us two together & told her that her debt would go against my credit if not paid.  My wife called me to inform me of the situation.  I told her to pay off the full amount in both names.  She paid the debt in full.  Two weeks later I found a credit alert on my fico account for this debt as it was reported to the credit bureau.  My fico score dropped to 658 from 790!  I received no calls, no letters and made no contact with any representitive with this collection agency.  Shouldn't the collection bureau have honored my payment as I paid this debt the moment I became... Read More
Mortgage \ Bankrup...
Posted by tambradaylin
Recently I went through a divorce. In the divorce decree, I was not ordered to refinance my mortgage, however my ex-wife filed for bankruptcy shortly after the divorce. Since my mortgage has my ex-wifes name on it, the mortgage went into chapter 7 bankruptcy. I continue to pay on my mortgage, however the mortgage company is not reporting my payments or any history to the Credit reporting companies. Since the mortgage company is not reporting any information, is this hurting my cr... Read More
Posted by kari99
Don't you have to pay off the balance on your card every month in order to claim... Read More
Cosigners H...
Posted by Parker56
I've been reading all the cosigner horror stories I understand since I cosigned for son and his wife I'm stuck with it until loan is paid off. But my question is the car loan is in my name and not my son's.  Why is that done and can I have title changed to my son's... Read More
Reporting to credit bureau after debt is p...
Posted by amber
I have a question.  I was contacted by a collection agency trying to collect a debt for a bank that I owed money to.  The debt was not on my credit report yet.  They offered me a settlment of 85% to be paid in three payments.  I made the payments on time and I thought that we were done.  They called me today and told me that it would be better to pay the debt in full instead of agreeing to the settlment because it would look better on my credit reoprt to show "paid" as opposed to "settled".  I advised them that it wasn't on my credit report, and they told me that it would be soon.  What?  I accepted the 85% settlment, paid it, and now after it's paid they want to report it to the bureaus?  Can they do this?  Thanks f... Read More
what is a credit repo...
Posted by brownshugga12
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