Saturday October 20, 2018

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Can a Collection Agency report you to the credit bureaus without ever making an effort to collect a debt?
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I have just recently checked my credit report and noticed one delinquent account that was reported in 2010. It was from a County Detention Center I was lodged in, which has charged for my stay and any medical. However, I became a State Inmate and have all documentation to substantiate my claim and have already written letter of dispute to the Agency. They replied stating in pertinent part that the claim was valid. Now I did not send the documentation in the original letter because that stuff is available at the Administrative Office of the Courts & advised them of such. It looks as though I may now have to reply with documentation. I am just wondering, before I jump the gun, if they could have ever even reported this to begin with without ever mailing anything to my residence in effort to collect under clearly established Federal Law? I have been home for 3 years and no attempt from the Credit Agency has been made for collection. No attempt was made from 2010 going forward at my residence. That and the fact that I was a State inmate which requires the State to pay for my housing in a Detention facility negates their contention that this is a valid debt.

Can anyone give me some feedback? Much appreciated.

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