Thursday November 15, 2018

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Collection Agency and the Credit Bureau
Posted by luvgwife

To make a long story short.  Emergency room visit turned in to 4 separate charges.  I have been making payments on them since I received the bill, but not as much as they want.  As a result, they've turned it over to collections.   I have not changed my payments made to the original debtor.  I find on my credit report they were quick to add it to my Credit Report, but they have not added any payments that I've made.  It still shows derogatory.  I disputed this matter with trans union, who, in turn reported back on 3 occasions, that there has been no change.  The debtor says thanks for the payments, we consider those payments good faith.  The collection agency says they are not a credit card company and therefore do not report payments.  The Credit Bureau, TransUnion, claims there is nothing they can do if that is what the collection company submits. 

This appears to be "strong-arm" attempt by ruining your credit when you cannot afford to pay your bill in full.  Somehow, this does not seem fair to the consumer.   I have 12 medical bills I am paying on.  All would prefer I made $50 to $100 payments monthly.  If that were the case, I'd be living on the streets.

Is this allowed, legal in the state of Alabama?

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