Friday November 16, 2018

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Reporting to credit bureau after debt is paid
Posted by amber

I have a question.  I was contacted by a collection agency trying to collect a debt for a bank that I owed money to.  The debt was not on my credit report yet.  They offered me a settlment of 85% to be paid in three payments.  I made the payments on time and I thought that we were done.  They called me today and told me that it would be better to pay the debt in full instead of agreeing to the settlment because it would look better on my credit reoprt to show "paid" as opposed to "settled".  I advised them that it wasn't on my credit report, and they told me that it would be soon.  What?  I accepted the 85% settlment, paid it, and now after it's paid they want to report it to the bureaus?  Can they do this?  Thanks for your help.

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