Saturday October 20, 2018

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Sent to credit agency without notification
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We purchased an investment property and have it under contract in a lease to own situation to someone else.  We hold the title and I receive a property tax bill at our physical address.  However, the title company recorded it to in our name and the investments property address (which we noted for them to change at the signing).  The HOA management company of that property has been sending "dues" notices in our name to the investment property, which have gone into the abyss.  The current resident reported to them several months ago that we did not live there.  The have not sent us to collections which I am being told has been reported to the credit agencies and placed a lien on the property.  In addition the amount due now list several fees including paralegal, photos, interest and liens. 

My question is this, can the collection agency report us and place a lien on our property without notifying us?  Second, am I required to pay these other fees that go way above and beyond?  And I guess third, is can the creditor do this without even trying to contact us correctly?

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