Saturday December 15, 2018

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Shouldn't I have an opportunity to save my credit rating?
Posted by ohiopackerbacker

I recently was reported to the credit bureau for unpaid medical bills incurred by my wife(most likely before we married).  They did not attempt to contact me to give me an opportunity to settle this debt.  To try to make this short, I had a medical bill in my name from a local hospital.  Instead of mailing back the bill, we went to the hospital to pay it directly, along with a few other medical bills.  Somehow that bill was not found in their system leading us to believe it must have already been paid... until a collection agency bill arrived.  When my wife called to pay this bill, she was asked her information.  They then linked us two together & told her that her debt would go against my credit if not paid.  My wife called me to inform me of the situation.  I told her to pay off the full amount in both names.  She paid the debt in full.  Two weeks later I found a credit alert on my fico account for this debt as it was reported to the credit bureau.  My fico score dropped to 658 from 790!  I received no calls, no letters and made no contact with any representitive with this collection agency.  Shouldn't the collection bureau have honored my payment as I paid this debt the moment I became aware of it?

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