Saturday December 15, 2018

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what to do if a collection agency has reported to the "credit bureaus"
Posted by wildstar09

I recently found that a credit agency had contacted the credit bureau.

I was unaware that there was a credit agency hired for collections.

I had moved and was separated.

i was not getting my mail from that address.

once i noticed that i had a blemish on my once perfect credit report i contacted the collection agency.

the client was a medical billing company

i paid the medical billing company last year and i hand not noticed that they sent the payment back, this was 4 months before they hired a collections company to collect

i never received a notice of collections

i paid the collection company once i found the bad score on my credit report

i used bill pay from my bank to pay the medical company

i have a written statement from that bank that the medical billing company was paid and that they had sent the money back

is there anything i can do




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