Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Official Resources: Credit Monitoring
Monitoring Your Credit (Audio)
It is important for you to monitor your credit on a regular basis. Why? To make sure the information in your credit report is accurate!... Read More
Why Monitor Your Credit
Why monitor your credit? One of the most important things you can do as a consumer to get the credit you deserve, and help protect yours... Read More
Your Credit History and the Three Credit Bureaus
It is important for you to monitor your credit on a regular basis. Why? To make sure the information in your credit report is accurate! S... Read More
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User Resources: Credit Monitoring
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why is it important to monitor tour credit history for all three c... Read More
childs credit rep...
Posted by
Hi, I watched a report on MSNBC that you can obtain and check your childs credit report to ensure the safety the Social Security number.  How can I go about doing this ? Thanks, ... Read More
Posted by stevensondrive
how much does your s... Read More
Who can report you to a credit bure...
Posted by kellyatwell
A few months ago, I ordered concert tickets on-line from a company called Event Tickets LLC (aka Ticketsmyway).  They never delivered the tickets, but had already charged my credit card approx $350.  They told me they would refund my money.  I waited a few weeks, and when attempts to contact them failed, I disputed the charge on my credit card.  My credit card company refunded my money, but now I am getting threatening e-mails and voice mails from Event Tickets saying they will sue me.  However I can "settle" with them for $125.  After researching them on the web, this is apparently how they operate. However, today they sent me an e-mail stating that if I don't pay them $125 by August 1st, they will report me to the 3 credit bureaus, which will effectively damage my credit, which is currently excellent. My question is, can they actually do this?  What is required to report someone to a credit bureau? Thank You, ... Read More
credit items being rem...
Posted by atucker53
When can I fine out something can be remove from my ... Read More
creit of a mi...
Posted by sassey
is someone using my daughter social security number to est... Read More
Auto loan credit report...
Posted by npeters13
I've notice on my credit report that my auto loan is being reported including the interest that would have been paid after the 60 month period instead of the amount financed, which is affecting my debt to income ratio.  Is this correct... Read More
credit monitor...
Posted by nani0304
Does credit monitoring lowers your score? Is Fico Sco... Read More
"date reported" credit stand...
Posted by agerman
When, (how often and at what dates) do credit lenders report your standing to credit tracking&nb... Read More
Posted by superluke44
How long do they hurt yo... Read More
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