Saturday December 15, 2018

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Who can report you to a credit bureau?
Posted by kellyatwell

A few months ago, I ordered concert tickets on-line from a company called Event Tickets LLC (aka Ticketsmyway).  They never delivered the tickets, but had already charged my credit card approx $350.  They told me they would refund my money.  I waited a few weeks, and when attempts to contact them failed, I disputed the charge on my credit card. 

My credit card company refunded my money, but now I am getting threatening e-mails and voice mails from Event Tickets saying they will sue me.  However I can "settle" with them for $125.  After researching them on the web, this is apparently how they operate.

However, today they sent me an e-mail stating that if I don't pay them $125 by August 1st, they will report me to the 3 credit bureaus, which will effectively damage my credit, which is currently excellent.

My question is, can they actually do this?  What is required to report someone to a credit bureau?

Thank You,

Kelly Atwell

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