Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Official Resources: Credit Myths
Take the Quick Credit Quiz
Take the Credit Quiz! How much do you know about your credit? Your credit report, and credit score are the financial pictures you... Read More
Why You Shouldn't Close Old Accounts (Video)
Will closing old accounts help your credit score? Many people, when reviewing their credit reports, may notice old credit accoun... Read More
Does Checking Your Own Credit Lower Your Score? (Video)
Will checking your own credit report hurt your credit score? When your credit is checked, this creates what is known as an "inquiry."... Read More
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User Resources: Credit Myths
medical collection reported to credit bure...
Posted by
Does a collection agency have the legal right to report debts to a credit bureau?  If so, by what aut... Read More
Making payments on debt unacceptable to agen...
Posted by
If making regular payments on a bill and that amount is not acceptable to the collection company can they report it credit reporting agencies. This is a 300 dollar bill that was turned over to collections I had been paying regular payments with a letter stating I can only pay 10 dollars a month. The agency states that the will accept any payment toward the bill but will still report to the credit reporting agencies if we can not pay more. Can they do... Read More
Multiple ca...
Posted by
Can Having multiple credits cards in use at a time affect ... Read More
non-installment cre...
Posted by megan
what is non-installment credit and what is an e... Read More
Closing a secured credit c...
Posted by yingyang215
Does it hurt your score to close a secured credit card? I would like my ... Read More
Reporting to the Credit Agenc...
Posted by djones
Can an individual make a negative report to the cre... Read More
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