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8 year old College Tuition D...
Posted by
I have disputed a tuition debt with a private college for eight years.  I received a call from the financial aid department in 2007, three months after I began the online course informing me that I would have to pay $2000 out of pocket because I did not have enough financial aid to complete the following 6 weeks of classes.  I withdrew from the online course because I could not afford to pay the $2000.  This debt went to a collections agency.  I contacted the collections agency to inquire about the total amount of my debt.  I was told that I owed $832.  The next year, August 2008, I contacted the school to enroll again.  A financial aid officer informed me that I did not owe the $2000 because I withdrew and did not complete the semester.  The financial aid officer told me that I owed $832 and that he would include this debt in my tuition so that it would be covered for my current school year.  I completed the online course and graduated with a BS degree in 2009.  I received an e-mail after graduation saying that I still owed the school $832.  I contacted the school and informed them that the financial aid officer I spoke to in 2007 included this debt in my tuition.  The school personnel checked my records and then told me that was correct and that my balance was $0.  I received a copy of my BS degree and my final official transcripts in the mail.  I then re-enrolled with the same school for my master's degree.  In 2011, one month before I graduated from the master's degree program, another representative from the school contacted me to inform me that I owed the school $2000 that must be paid in order for me to graduate.  I explained all of this scenario to the financial aid officer again.  She said she would speak to a supervisor and call me back.  The financial aid officer called me back and informed me that my balance was $0.  I graduated in June 2011.  I received a copy of my master's degree and final transcripts from the school.  In September of 2011, a representative from the school contacted me to inform me that I owed the school $2000 and that I will not receive a copy of my degree until the debt is paid.  I informed the representative of all the above and told her that I already received a copy of my degree.  I was told that I still owed $2000.  This debt went back to the same collection agency.  I disputed this debt in writing to the collection agency again.  I was told that I owed the debt.  I contacted the Better Business Bureau for assistance.  The school is standing by their decision that I owe $2000.  This debt has never been reported to the national credit bureaus and has never been on my credit report.  Now, I would like to go back to school for another degree, but I am unable to receive my official transcripts because of the $2000 debt that I do not owe.  Please advise me on how to clear up this situ... Read More
Can Collection Agency Report without providing detailed b...
Posted by
I received a collection notice and replied with detailed request for itemized bill along with information about first bill owner, information about the debt collection agency and if they were legally allowed to collect in my state, I didn't receive a response but I got a call and the caller requested that I pay in full, I told him I need more information he asked me to go to the hospital, I refused and asked for more information he told me they will report it to credit bureau and hang up the phone Can th... Read More
Credit Collection Age...
Posted by
Can a credit collection agency report a debt 2 yrs later once it's been ... Read More
Collection agency reporting monthly updates like a revolving credit c...
Posted by
Can a collection agency update on a debt it is trying to collect on a monthly basis as a revolving account... Read More
Collection agency attorney pulling a credit report without permission before validating the alleged debt, prior to even sending out the 30 day debt validatin let...
Posted by
Can a collection agency, or attorney for a collection agency inquire into a credit report before validating the alleged debt, prior to even sending out the 30 day debt validatin letter? I am obviously concerned as I had not yet received their 30 day debt validation notification. Understanding that all collection efforts are to stop once the alleged debtor issues a debt validation dispute letter to the collector, or the collector's agent/attorney, correct, essentially violating the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, correct? Thank you for your response to this que... Read More
What are my options after the 30 day period with collectio...
Posted by
It appears Sentry Credit "notified" me in July about a debt of $20,591.42 on a foreclosed home from the previous year. I was not aware of the 30 day verification of this debt. What are my... Read More
Collection agency threatening to report to credit bureaus if not paid in full within 30 d...
Posted by joejohnson
I sent collection agency request for validation. They responded with a letter showing itemized medical bill. Then they sent me another letter stating that I should pay the balance in full within 10 days. Now have received another letter stating that if full balance is not paid within 30 days, they will report this to credit bureaus? I contacted the collection agency by phone and offered to pay a monthly payment untill the balance is paid in full but asked them not to report the collection to credit bureaus. They are adamant that the reporting will happen unless I pay in full within 30 days. If I do the payments and not pay the full amount within 30 days, they will still report to credit bureaus. What's my recourse? What do you suggest I do in this case? Thanks and I hope I can get your... Read More
anxious out w...
Posted by
I have A $220 medical debt from 2009, which i  began paying off about 5 wks ago (dr.'s office agreed to $40 monthly payments).  Their billing office (in another state) referred this to a collection agency at about the same time - approx. a month ago. I called the dr's office about this and they then reported  my 2 payments to the agency, and asked them to return the account to their office, but the agency refused, stating that they "have an account with me and have already been managing this".  I have not yet spoken to the agency about this, but did receive one letter.  Yesterday, in a panic related to the 30-day time-frame, I sent a certified letter to the agency disputing the account, but also stating that I had a prior agreement with the dr's office which I began fulfilling prior to their involvement.   I realize that this letter also verified the debt;  was this a mistake?. I am now waiting to talk to a particular person at the billing agency  (the person I reached yesterday seemed to think it could be worked out - she saw my payments, stated the account wasn't that old, but did also note that they had left messages. I never got them, but do occasionally get ones that are only half recorded and can't be identified). Does the agency  have the right to refuse to return this to the  provider?  I expect to have this paid off in 3 months, but am concerned about the credit bureaus.   The letter I received states that this "may" be reported.  If I can borrow the money and pay this off immediately, can they still report... Read More
cell phone b...
Posted by
Hello I need some advice. I signed a cell phone contract in Nov and by dec when the bill came I could not pay it. I was silly to sign this contract since I had no job and allowed friends talk me into it and also let them get phone under this contract. The phone copany started calling at my parents house and in turn they asked me what was going on. I never called to cancel the contracted and now the phone company has shut off the phones (as they should) amd I owe 1,000. Of course my Friends never paid me a dime for the bills? I am 18 and have learned my lesson on this one.....now my delemia is that I have gone back to school and I have no money and my parents will not pay this bill for me. What can I do, I am sure that this bill has gone to collects and I am sure they will call to my parents house since thats they only number they have. I dont know what to do, I know I owe the money but I have no money? Where I am going to school I can not get a job. ... Read More
out of the four cards which one is not and non installment d...
Posted by mvargas
Citibank Visa Card American Express Card Discover card or Jc panney... Read More
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