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Official Resources: Debt Help
Need a Bad Credit Loan?
If you're overwhelmed by credit card debts, medical bills, or other unsecured debts and tempted to go for a loan even though you have bad... Read More
Getting Past Debt Worksheet
Month ________  Year ________ Use this worksheet to manage your creditors and debts each month. Work towards getting... Read More
Basic Budgeting Worksheet
Total Monthly Gross Income  $______________ - Taxes, Health Ins. & Other Payroll Deductions  $__________ ... Read More
A New Breed of American Hero
On the Road to Financial Freedom By Walter Burch Spokane, WA - Imagine having a wife and five kids, living paycheck to paycheck,... Read More
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User Resources: Debt Help
8 year old College Tuition Debt
Posted by
I have disputed a tuition debt with a private college for eight years.  I received a call from the financial aid department in 2007,... Read More
Can Collection Agency Report without providing detailed bill
Posted by
I received a collection notice and replied with detailed request for itemized bill along with information about first bill owner, informa... Read More
Credit Collection Agency
Posted by
Can a credit collection agency report a debt 2 yrs later once it's been sold to them?
Collection agency reporting monthly updates like a revolving credit card
Posted by
Can a collection agency update on a debt it is trying to collect on a monthly basis as a revolving account does.  
Collection agency attorney pulling a credit report without permission before validating the alleged debt, prior to even sending out the 30 day debt...
Posted by
Can a collection agency, or attorney for a collection agency inquire into a credit report before validating the alleged debt, prior to ev... Read More
What are my options after the 30 day period with collections?
Posted by
It appears Sentry Credit "notified" me in July about a debt of $20,591.42 on a foreclosed home from the previous year. I was not aware of... Read More
Collection agency threatening to report to credit bureaus if not paid in full within 30 days
Posted by joejohnson
I sent collection agency request for validation. They responded with a letter showing itemized medical bill. Then they sent me another l... Read More
anxious out west
Posted by
I have A $220 medical debt from 2009, which i  began paying off about 5 wks ago (dr.'s office agreed to $40 monthly payments). ... Read More
cell phone bill
Posted by
Hello I need some advice. I signed a cell phone contract in Nov and by dec when the bill came I could not pay it. I was silly to sig... Read More
out of the four cards which one is not and non installment debt
Posted by mvargas
Citibank Visa Card American Express Card Discover card or Jc panney care  
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