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User Resources: Debt Help
I've been aware of the debt collection for more than 30 days...
Posted by jenn-o
Can I still use the debt validation process?  Everything i read says that I would need to send a letter to the collection Agency within 30 days of their initial contact.  I don't believe this agency is licensed to collect in my state, but they have reported the debt to the credit reporting agencies.  I was not aware of the validation process when I first saw the debt on my credit report (1 year ago).  What power does this give the colle... Read More
Considering filing Chapter 7-Cannot Meet Monthly Obligati...
Posted by Deen
I have $48,000 in unsecured debt, payments of $1139/month, and can no longer meet these payments.  I don't want to file Chapter 7, and would rather settle with credit card companies.  One that I contacted told me they can accept no less than 40% of balance as settlement, if this is formally requested and accepted by them.  Then a 1099 will be issued next year, for which the chargeoff would have to be reported as income.  Will Bank of America or Chase accept less?  Don't they want to get something rather ... Read More
debt reported to credit bur...
Posted by mimusman
Delinquent D...
Posted by debt_08
If a company charge off a deliquent dept and the collection agency sue to collect this debt?... Read More
Posted by monachai
What Happens after you have paid off a delinquent debt and does it have to stay on... Read More
Posted by sunita
Hi, If a bad debt is listed on my credit report by the original creditor can  another creditor who purchase this bad debt account also report this debt on my credit report? Please answer if you kno... Read More
Collection quest...
Posted by fgbuchanan
In 1999 I was laid off after only a couple weeks on the job ( company financial problems). At my exit interview I was given my last check. A week or so later I received another check. Since I thought this was some kind of severance check, I cashed it.In 2003 a collection agency called demanding I repay the money. I told them I didn't owe anything and never heard back. About three weeks ago this same company called again demanding payment. Again I disputed the charge. My question: After all these years, if I actually owe this money, can they collect? If I refuse to acknowledge this so-called debt can the collection agency report this to the credit bu... Read More
Can I dispute the collection age...
Posted by smitty
Please someone tell me what to do. I recently pulled my credit report. On the report it shows a charged off credit card account and a collection agency collection amount for the same charged off credit card. So, it is showing up twice for the same debt! The collection agency took me to court but could not prove it was my debt. So, I won the lawsuit. Can I dispute both the credit card debt and the collection agency debt and get them taken off my credit report? Can I dispute the collection ageny for having it o... Read More
Can a collection agency post a collection on your credit report even without ever contacting ...
Posted by Lefty522
Hi, I'm in the military and am currently stationed overseas. Recently I checked my credit report and saw that there was a collection on there that I never knew about. Considering I move around a lot I can understand that it would be difficult to contact me. I never recieved a letter, phone call, e mail or any type of communication that I had a debt that needed to be paid. I have no idea how to contact the collection agency that took over the debt, let alone I have no idea who I originally owe the debt to. I went to and it stated that the debt was $11 and when I went to Experian, it said I had a balance of $61. Isn't illegal to put on my credit report that I owe more than what is true? Was is so frustrating to me is that I did very well in maintaining my credit by making payments on time and paying more than just the minimum. Then all of a sudden I have a $11 debt I never knew about that I could have paid so easily, that is nine months over due. Is there any thing I can do to fix this problem? I know I can contact the credit bureaus to dispute it but I also read that I should dispute it first with the collection agency. That would be easier but I have no contact information. Don't I have a legal right to actually face( or know) my accuser? Thank you in advance for your... Read More
how do i go about repairing my delinquent cred...
Posted by dycarian
should i call the credit burous or go to a credit debt o... Read More
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