Saturday December 15, 2018

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8 year old College Tuition Debt
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I have disputed a tuition debt with a private college for eight years.  I received a call from the financial aid department in 2007, three months after I began the online course informing me that I would have to pay $2000 out of pocket because I did not have enough financial aid to complete the following 6 weeks of classes.  I withdrew from the online course because I could not afford to pay the $2000.  This debt went to a collections agency.  I contacted the collections agency to inquire about the total amount of my debt.  I was told that I owed $832.  The next year, August 2008, I contacted the school to enroll again.  A financial aid officer informed me that I did not owe the $2000 because I withdrew and did not complete the semester.  The financial aid officer told me that I owed $832 and that he would include this debt in my tuition so that it would be covered for my current school year.  I completed the online course and graduated with a BS degree in 2009.  I received an e-mail after graduation saying that I still owed the school $832.  I contacted the school and informed them that the financial aid officer I spoke to in 2007 included this debt in my tuition.  The school personnel checked my records and then told me that was correct and that my balance was $0.  I received a copy of my BS degree and my final official transcripts in the mail.  I then re-enrolled with the same school for my master's degree.  In 2011, one month before I graduated from the master's degree program, another representative from the school contacted me to inform me that I owed the school $2000 that must be paid in order for me to graduate.  I explained all of this scenario to the financial aid officer again.  She said she would speak to a supervisor and call me back.  The financial aid officer called me back and informed me that my balance was $0.  I graduated in June 2011.  I received a copy of my master's degree and final transcripts from the school.  In September of 2011, a representative from the school contacted me to inform me that I owed the school $2000 and that I will not receive a copy of my degree until the debt is paid.  I informed the representative of all the above and told her that I already received a copy of my degree.  I was told that I still owed $2000.  This debt went back to the same collection agency.  I disputed this debt in writing to the collection agency again.  I was told that I owed the debt.  I contacted the Better Business Bureau for assistance.  The school is standing by their decision that I owe $2000.  This debt has never been reported to the national credit bureaus and has never been on my credit report.  Now, I would like to go back to school for another degree, but I am unable to receive my official transcripts because of the $2000 debt that I do not owe.  Please advise me on how to clear up this situation. 

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