Thursday November 15, 2018

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Can a collection agency post a collection on your credit report even without ever contacting me?
Posted by Lefty522

Hi, I'm in the military and am currently stationed overseas. Recently I checked my credit report and saw that there was a collection on there that I never knew about. Considering I move around a lot I can understand that it would be difficult to contact me. I never recieved a letter, phone call, e mail or any type of communication that I had a debt that needed to be paid. I have no idea how to contact the collection agency that took over the debt, let alone I have no idea who I originally owe the debt to. I went to and it stated that the debt was $11 and when I went to Experian, it said I had a balance of $61. Isn't illegal to put on my credit report that I owe more than what is true? Was is so frustrating to me is that I did very well in maintaining my credit by making payments on time and paying more than just the minimum. Then all of a sudden I have a $11 debt I never knew about that I could have paid so easily, that is nine months over due. Is there any thing I can do to fix this problem? I know I can contact the credit bureaus to dispute it but I also read that I should dispute it first with the collection agency. That would be easier but I have no contact information. Don't I have a legal right to actually face( or know) my accuser? Thank you in advance for your help.


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