Saturday October 20, 2018

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cell phone bill
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Hello I need some advice. I signed a cell phone contract in Nov and by dec when the bill came I could not pay it. I was silly to sign this contract since I had no job and allowed friends talk me into it and also let them get phone under this contract. The phone copany started calling at my parents house and in turn they asked me what was going on. I never called to cancel the contracted and now the phone company has shut off the phones (as they should) amd I owe 1,000. Of course my Friends never paid me a dime for the bills? I am 18 and have learned my lesson on this my delemia is that I have gone back to school and I have no money and my parents will not pay this bill for me. What can I do, I am sure that this bill has gone to collects and I am sure they will call to my parents house since thats they only number they have. I dont know what to do, I know I owe the money but I have no money? Where I am going to school I can not get a job.

Please help?

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