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Official Resources: Establishing Credit
Establishing Credit (Video)
Walter Burch discusses how to establish credit. Even if you normally pay for purchases using cash or checks, you still should know... Read More
7 Basic Steps to Help You Establish Credit
Here are Seven Basic Steps to help you establish credit: One way that you can begin to establish credit is to open up an individual s... Read More
The Importance of Establishing Credit
Establishing credit and good credit habits is very important. Getting started off on the right foot can not only make it easier for you t... Read More
Why Establish Credit?
Even if you normally pay for purchases using cash or checks, you still should know the necessary steps to establishing credit, and mainta... Read More
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User Resources: Establishing Credit
establishing cre...
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I am trying to establish credit. I have applied for 2 credit cards and have been denied because I do not have any established credit. I don't want to keep applying for credit because I know this will affect my credit score. Any suggestions what else I can do to establi... Read More
establishing cre...
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do you establish credit better by making payments on a loan or paying i... Read More
how do you recover from bankrup...
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if you go through bankrupsy how do you restart your credit and clear the old stuff fr... Read More
Apartment - Settling Deposit Unfair...
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We checked out of an apartment after giving due-notice and paid about $141/- over the $600/- deposit for damages to the otherwise ill-maintained facility due to a pet (urine stains, blinds, and frayed carpet. Originally - we paid a non-refundable pet deposit of $350/- that the Apartment Company conveniently forgot all about. At the time of handing over the keys - we disputed their estimate of the approximately $740/- in "past due", and went aead and paid the shortage over the $600/- deposit and felt that we walked otherwise clear. They had a copy of the forwarding address in the same city, the phone number, and an e-mail address, plus the address of the Guarantor as of June 2009. Suddenly 10-months later, a Collection Agency sends the Renter and the Guarantor a collection Demand Notice for about $380/- for unspecified damages. On calling the Collections Agent - we are told they tried to reach the Renter at the forwarding address provided once and that is all they need to do leagally to comply. The Renter did not get any letter from the Aparment at all. Neither did the Guarantor until April 2010. The Guarantor contacted the Apartment, and the Property Manager refused to explain anything stating that all we could do at this stage was to work through the Collections Agent. My question is this fair at all? They othewise settled by collecting the keys and a money order for the final settlement and claim to have send us a letter? Do they not have to make one or two more attempts and have a "Certfiied Mail" or something sent? And, why in the first place do they consider the account settled, and then send us to a Collection Agent 10 months after we vacate? We have a stellar credit (800+) and are trying to see our options at this time before the Collections Agent turns us over to the Credit Bureau. The paper work sent to me by the Collections Agent upon my request shows hand-writeen notes that were no tthere on the original given to us - something we do no thave at this time. We have no issues in paying the full amount if it is due. All I am seeing is why the problem with such an attitude on part of the Management Company managing the property on a University Campus? Can they get away with this behavior? We always paid the rent in time. Appreciate any pointers you may give us as we have less than three weeks to settle this - hopefully in our favor and showing the Apartment Company the right way to treat tenants and citizens, and more importantly prevent them from harassing others in the future.          ... Read More
time fr...
Posted by veroness
how long des it take to establish cr... Read More
credit card compan...
Posted by tree34
is globalgold a real credit ... Read More
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