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Buying a Home? Here's 11 Keys to Know
As you begin your home-buying search in earnest, and look at available financing options, here are some of the most important things to k... Read More
3 Steps to Saving Money on Your Home
Regardless of your credit standing, lenders are aggressively competing for your business. So how do you save money - tens of thousands or... Read More
4 Home Loan Questions to Ask
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Home Equity Loans: What You Need to Know
Are you considering a home equity loan?  Here are some important things to keep in mind: Home Equity Loans are sometimes referred to... Read More
Is a Fixed Rate Home Loan For You?
Here's a quick review of the pros and cons of fixed rate mortgages: Fixed Rate Home Mortgages Loan loans with repayment terms of 15, 2... Read More
Why Go With an ARM Mortgage?
It pays to understand the pros and cons of adjustable rate mortgages: Here's a quick study: Adjustable Rate Mortgages (Also called var... Read More
What's the Right Home Loan for You?
Understanding the pros and cons of different home loans can save you a lot of money.  Let's review different loan options:  F... Read More
Before You Buy a Home
Regardless of your credit, lenders want your business. So how do you save money - tens of thousands or more over the life of your loan?&n... Read More
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User Resources: Home Loans
my rights on a l...
Posted by
I am a cosigner on a loan with my ex husband and his  aunt his aunt is the primary i pay all the payments on the house i would like to know wha tmy rights are living... Read More
[email protected]
Posted by
credit sc...
Posted by
can you purchase a home with a credit... Read More
home l...
Posted by hisdreamgirl1964
I bought a home with an ex fiancee, he has the home and I need to know how to get my name off of the loan, now that we are no lon... Read More
Unique home loan in current mar...
Posted by mrcard
Hi.  I have approximately $260,000 from my home sale.  I am currently building a home that will have an approximate value of $420,000.  The early stages of construction have already been completed.  I have hired a builder to do the construction.  The appraised value should be about $550,000 when it is completed.  I will need to borrow an additional $160,000 to complete the home.  What type of financing should I ask for?  Under the new finance rules are their any surprises I need t... Read More
Reg : Removing of lock in period of home l...
Posted by Ashwini
2 years back I have taken a home loan from private finance company the rate of intrest is 14 % and lock in period is 3 years.now i want to transfer the loan to any other bank . please advice is banks remove the lock in period by char... Read More
How can i get my name removed from a lo...
Posted by angela1234
My ex husband and I have a house in both our names.My Ex husband is in jail. How do i get my name off this loan and get some kind of profit out of the house. He will not sign his 50 % over to me. Please any advice will be helpful. ... Read More
Do I still need a co-sign...
Posted by kprinz101
If I don't meet all the qualifications for a FHA loan, but I am going to put down over 15% of the loan amount do I still need... Read More
home lo...
Posted by kimtoe
how dose va work wi... Read More
need a home l...
Posted by kimtoe
is their any help for people who make good money but not so... Read More
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