Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Official Resources: ID Theft Detection
She Applied for Credit and Got Burned by an ID Thief
Recently we spoke to a victim of identity theft who agreed to share her story. In many ways, it's like thousands of others out there, bu... Read More
Identity Theft-Finally Some Good News!
Once you get the facts on identity theft, you'll want to monitor your credit 24/7, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing al... Read More
Identity Theft Victims Aren't Laughing
You have probably seen those Citibank commercials with the two old ladies having a good old time chatting, assuming their new identities.... Read More
Shocking Facts About Identity Theft
Every day at Credit Learning Center, we come across more and more folks who have been hit by identity theft. Here's a shocking number. An... Read More
Identity Theft - Common Warning Signs of ID Theft - Part 3 (Audio)
Recognizing the early warning signs of identity theft can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Let's review a few ofhe most... Read More
7 Common Warning Signs of Identity Theft
What are some of the common warning signs of identity theft? The warning signs of identity theft may be obvious, but it is important to... Read More
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User Resources: ID Theft Detection
no cre...
Posted by
what about if your being told you have no credit or you cant access your credit report. and you clearly... Read More
minor childs rep...
Posted by
i would like to get a copy of my daughters credit report i think that a family member has been uses her social security number ... Read More
Posted by
can credit be given to a 16-year-old... Read More
ID theft detect...
Posted by mj708
I recently applied online for a capital one small buisness credit card.  After submitting the application, a virus scan alert window poped up claiming there was spyware and a trojan virus on the computer.  Is there a safe way I can check if my identity has been stolen?  I would prefer a government agency, or my personal... Read More
my 2 year old daugh...
Posted by nanie102706
i got a letter in the mail from experian saying that my 2 year old daughter had two potentially negative items on her credit. i have called experian and equfax but i just get automated things and cant talk to anyone how can i find out what is on her credit report without sending private info thr... Read More
my 3 year olds cre...
Posted by cmcdole
i have reason to belive that my step-daughter's credit is being used, she is only 3. what is the best way to check her report that is com... Read More
a minor's identity theft...
Posted by TristansMama
my mother has accused me of stealing my 12 year old brothers social security number to get a credit card. I only have one credit card and it is attached to MY SSN. I have no idea what my brothers social even is, he is only 12 years old. But she tells me his SSN is attached to an address i had 3 years ago, and it is on her credit report. we are all on her credit report. i need some help figuring this out, did my mom get phished or did i get phished or both of us at the same time?? we have the same middle name and the same first initial and the same last name(before i got married) so people get out names confused alot. someone please help me fig... Read More
Minor's Credit Rep...
Posted by lisawalkerj
I am concerned that my son's social security number my have been used to obtain credit.  How... Read More
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