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User Resources: Your Credit Report
Collection Agency won't report I paid them in f...
Posted by
Help!! I paid the open collections off in full June 2009 and GEM CITY will not report to any of the 3 bureau's they are paid. W... Read More
Minor identity th...
Posted by
I suspect my daughters identity is in question becaue of a credit card application arriving in her name. She is only 12.  But I can't get her credit report to see what is occuring if actually anything.  How do I get her c... Read More
Posted by mikeytag
My mother never paid my medical bills-- how can I fix th...
Posted by meliiikc
I recently found out that my mother did not pay a single medical bill that I've accrued since I was 13-- I owe nearly $8000! I just found this out, from getting my credit report. Is there anything that protects me from this/allows me to have it removed from my credit report? Or, do I have to scrimp and pay all of this before it will... Read More
Effect of Canceling a CC on your Credit Sc...
Posted by LisaKinzel
I have a high balance credit card that I am paying off. Will it negativley impact my credit score if I cancelled the card and then pay off... Read More
Credit gone ...
Posted by mraley
I have a past credit card that I didn't pay and don't intend to pay because an ex of mine used it but the original credit card company said I was responsible because I had at "one" point given them permission to use it. After we split up she continued to try and use it, even after the account was closed. The original credit card company sold the debt, that company sold the debt and now the 3rd company is continuing to put bad marks on my credit. My question is, since the original credit card company sold the debt can they still show bad debt on my credit report? Can the 2nd company who tried to collect but didn't... report bad debt? All 3 are currently on my credit report, I don't know the legal side of this and what is legit and what is not.... I wish I could sue the jerks for telling me I had to pay debt off that I never charged but I don't have the money to hire an attorney and it's about 5 years old so I couldn't take them to small claims c... Read More
Collection Reporting on Credit Report Quest...
Posted by zeus29
Hello, I have a collection that has been out since 2003.  The collection agency is now reporting it twice on my credit report indicating that the same debt happened in May 2003 and June 2008.  This is incorrect it was May 2003.  Can they keep two of the same collections (it is only one but they are reporting it twice) is that legal?  Secondly is it true if I contact the collection agency about my debt that they can extend seven years on my credit report since they will say there has been account activity since the original collection in May 2003?  I would like to settle this debt, but don't want them to be able to keep reporting this debt for the next 7 years.  Am I correct that this collection leaves my credit report in May 20... Read More
Can a collection agency reset the 7 year wipe aw...
Posted by holly
I found a collection on my credit report from 2001---I found it in 2006 and had no knowledge of it and had never been contacted about it from the collection agency.  I called them and said I did not have knowledge of it and wanted information about it to which they provided nothing.  I checked my credit report 2 weeks later and it now shows an update of 2008.  Does that mean the 7 years starts over?  I am a very intelligent person and would have no problem investing time in deciphering laws and how to find a way around this, but I want to know if this is a legitimate act on their part or if I should take the time to find a loop hole.  If I can do the research, what ... Read More
student credit rep...
Posted by Jspringe72
can my son who is 16, obtain his c... Read More
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