Saturday December 15, 2018

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User Resources: Your Credit Report
credit report updated dispu...
Posted by think
what does credit results means that says updated or reviewed on ... Read More
Need faster resolution for a disp...
Posted by jodiec1
Why does it take over 30 days for a dispute?  I tried to get a loan and I have a negative history on my credit report that I paid off in full in May and it still shows on my history which resulted in me not getting a loan.  That was the only thing ever negative or that went to collection in my entire life.  I am very upset that I have to wait over 30 days for this to get looked into.  Any other sugges... Read More
"Settle for Le...
Posted by shinypeni
I am looking at a mandatory "short sell" for my home.  I am compelled to sell due to the drastically lowering home values and my interest-only mortgage.  My mortgage company advised they would place a "settled for less" label on the mortgage section of my credit report.  I currently have about a 730 credit rating.  I have never made a late payment.  My payment history on my credit report is unblemished.  Should this sale go through, how will this affect my credit?  Is there anything else... Read More
how old do you have to be to recieve a credit repo...
Posted by calea352
i am 15 years old,am i elgible to get a c... Read More
Credit Burea questi...
Posted by luannem41
The Past 3 Months, I have been paying my bills on time. I keep track of my credit score on a weekly basis. I have notice the score has not change. When do Credit Bureau update credit scores? I have notice they are very quick to drop your score but not as quick ... Read More
credit rep...
Posted by quana
who looks at your ... Read More
Credit Rep...
Posted by datcutekid
What information is in a credit re... Read More
Free annual credit report....
Posted by mshough
I am a government contractor and currently working in Sudan. I tried several times to access my free annual credit report but to no avail. I also tried to purchase it and luck...does anyone know... Read More
Can a collection agency who is no longer in charge of collecting a debt contine to report it to Transunio...
Posted by niki
I called about a debt that was on my credit report and the collection agency said I needed to call original creditor becuase they are no long handling the debt.  Is the collection agency allowed to continue to report a debt they are not in charge o... Read More
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