Thursday November 15, 2018

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Credit gone bad
Posted by mraley

I have a past credit card that I didn't pay and don't intend to pay because an ex of mine used it but the original credit card company said I was responsible because I had at "one" point given them permission to use it. After we split up she continued to try and use it, even after the account was closed.

The original credit card company sold the debt, that company sold the debt and now the 3rd company is continuing to put bad marks on my credit.

My question is, since the original credit card company sold the debt can they still show bad debt on my credit report? Can the 2nd company who tried to collect but didn't... report bad debt? All 3 are currently on my credit report, I don't know the legal side of this and what is legit and what is not.... I wish I could sue the jerks for telling me I had to pay debt off that I never charged but I don't have the money to hire an attorney and it's about 5 years old so I couldn't take them to small claims court (the ex)

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