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What do I have to do if I received a letter because I am diputting something? Thanks for your help!
Posted by lizarzate
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Thank you for your inquiry.

Here is our response to your question: 

"What do I have to do if I got a letter because I am disputing something?"

This sounds like a letter of notification regarding an item that is being investigated on your behalf.  If you have already provided the information necessary for the credit bureau to contact your creditor and investigate the item, there is nothing further for you to do, if no specific request is contained in the letter.

If the letter is requesting that you provide further support or documentation on the item in question, you should make copies of all documentation but provide them the proper information they need to properly investigate the item.

Normally the investigation of a disputed item will take 30 days before the item being disputed is either verified for removed from your credit report.

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