Wednesday June 26, 2019

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can collection agency reported debt to credit bureau without first validate the debt with the debtor
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Hello and thank you for all the good work to help us navigate this collection agency uses of credit reporting.  I owed a balance on my tmobile account which was 380.  I had disputed some of the charges with Tmobile. I cancelled my account, and i made $200 payment towards the balance in dispute.  The amount I disputed was about $75 and i did this on phone with the Tmobile customer agent.  All of a sudden today, i was notified by the credit report monitoring service that a collection agency has reported negative info on my account.  They reported an amount of  $225.  I immediately disputed this with Xperian online that 1. The collection agency had not contacted me to validate the debt and balance.  2.  The collection agency report inaccurate balance.  What is your opinion on this.  Thanks, Kareem

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