Saturday December 15, 2018

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credit reporting dispute
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My leasing office for my apartment building has been reporting to the credit bureau that for the past 15 months I have been past due for $40.00 dollars. However they have made no attempt to notify me that i had the debt. I was even going to move out about 4 months ago completed the appropriate move-out paperwork and was still not notified at that time. when I contacted them about this there records indiacted i was past due for $22.66 which i paid immeadiatley. I also submitted a dispute to the credit bureau to have it adjusted but when the leasing office recieved the dispute from equifax they stated that the previous repoting was correct but the debt had now been paid.  What is my legal right to have this adjusted by my leasing company. How can they report information without being notified of original debt?

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