Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Official Resources: Your Credit Score
Your Credit: Know Before You Go!
How's your credit? Here's why it's important to know BEFORE you go for a home loan or refi, auto loan, personal loan, business loan, or ... Read More
The Silent Force Lurking Behind Credit Card Offers
The Silent Force Behind Your Credit Card Offers (Part 2: Credit and Debt in America) Ever wonder how you get targeted for all those pre... Read More
Getting Your Free Credit Score
It is very important for you to check your credit score often, as your three-digit credit score is the number lenders look at before deci... Read More
What's a Good Credit Score?
Your credit score plays a very important part in your finances. Today, more than ever before, your three digit credit score can determine... Read More
Your Credit Score Is a Valuable Asset
Have you noticed how much attention is paid these days to credit scores? What is a good credit score?  What is a bad credit score?&... Read More
Understand Your Credit Score (Video)
On this video, Walter Burch discusses the various categories of information that are contained in credit reports and how each of these ... Read More
Understand Your Credit Score
When you're applying for a home loan or refinance, auto loan, or even credit cards, it pays to know your credit!  Why? Because the i... Read More
How Do Banks and Lenders Look at You?
What's really at stake when you apply for financing? Essentially two things: Whether you get approved for the financing or loan that ... Read More
7 Steps To a Higher Credit Score
Your credit score could cost you, or save you a lot of money. Fortunately there are several key steps you can take to improve your credi... Read More
Secrets to Good Credit Health
You are in charge of your own credit, your credit report, and your credit score. It is important to maintain good credit habits. It's a ... Read More
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User Resources: Your Credit Score
repeat 'in collections' report...
Posted by
Can the same collection agency report 'in collections' for the same debt repeatedly to credit bureaus which does drop your sco... Read More
paying debt in full vs. paying a lesser amount as a "settleme...
Posted by
Dealing with a debt collection agency who "bought" debt from original creditor (a store credit card). They said they are willing to settle for a lesser $ amount, although have not yet stated that lesser $ amount.  2 questions: Does settling like this have more negetive implications on credit report and FICO score than paying the original higher amount? Regardless, will debt collector notify credit agencies of the paid off debt or is it my responsibilit... Read More
How can...
Posted by
How do I go about seeing my personal credit score without payi... Read More
Soft inqu...
Posted by
A store company recently told me they only do a soft (?) inquiry when looking to open a card and it won't affect my credit? ... Read More
fico sc...
Posted by
what is the range p... Read More
Utility pi...
Posted by
A sales rep at one of the satellite TV companies says they will submit an inquiry to the credit bureau(s) if I apply for their service. He described the inquiry as a "four-point utility ping," with utility meaning "like the electric company" and implicitly not having a negative effect on my credit score. I didn't get an explanation of the "four points." Can anyone clarify the meaning of these terms and explain their significance with regard to my credit s... Read More
had to file bankruptcy, can you give me some suggesti...
Posted by
I was forced to file bankruptcy chapter 7 two years ago. I was told at the time that I can't be refused a loan, I would just be given an higher interest rate. I have received many credit card offers but I have learned to manage my finances with out opening a credit card. Now, I am looking for credit scores (which the creditscore.com you are linked with) only gives you 7 days to cancel the trial offer or you are charged; not 30 days. I am unable to get a loan through my own credit union, I still pay my mortgage but it isn't being reported and I am paying my utilities. How do I get prequalified to buy another house??? I don't have any other bills now except my mortgage and utilities. I only discharged credit cards after they doubled my interest rates making it impossible for me to pay. I have more money now than I ever did and a nice sized down payment. Can you give any... Read More
Credit Sc...
Posted by
How do you get a ... Read More
credit sc...
Posted by
why is it that i am unable to just order my credit score without payin... Read More
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