Monday January 15, 2018

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User Resources: Your Credit Score
Cancel Membership
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How do I cancel this membership?
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How do I cancel this membership?
Collection Agencies
Posted by
I recently applied for a mortgage refinance and found out that a collection agency had reported a debt of $166. This $166 dropped my fica... Read More
report 0 balance to credit agency to improve score
Posted by
I was told that I were to pay off all of my debt, I can send a receipt of a zero balance to each credit agency thus improving my credit s... Read More
New Credit Score Calculation?
Posted by ray9640
I recently used to obtain yearly reports for myself and my wife. One of the Big 3 (I cant remember which) offered ... Read More
Taking Over a Credit Card
Posted by Bobbert
My father recently passed away and as the Executor I have the option to take over his credit card. I know he has had a very long, very go... Read More
No Credit At All!
Posted by Piggybank
If you do not have a credit history and you apply for numerous credit cards or credit financing in a short period of time, does it hurt y... Read More
can A paid off medical debt be disputed?
Posted by homedreamer
Hi,I have  paid of a medical debt. It was supposed to be paid by my insurer, but  it was handed over to a CA. Then I paid it of... Read More
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