Monday December 11, 2017

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User Resources: Your Credit Score
College Student, ruined credit already?
Posted by marineshipman1822
IS there anyway possible that i can repair my credit?I had applied to an number of banks for student loans, and lines of credit so i coul... Read More
credit inquiry stay on your credit report
Posted by kwilson
How long does a credit inquiry stay on your credit report? kWilson
Posted by Alanr482
Hello! I am 19 years old, ive had a credit card for 2 years and have never missed a payment, I accidentally gave my information for what ... Read More
score / home
Posted by house
my credits on all three creditors is in the mid 500 is that well enough to consider buying a home?
extra $2 on credit card bill
Posted by mymingling
Do you know if paying an additional $2-3 dollars on a credit card above the minimum helps to raise credit?
pay additional principle
Posted by mymingling
hello, Do you know if paying additional principle on crdit cards instead of just the minimum payment improves credit FICO scores? If so... Read More
What's a Good Credit Score to Purchase a Home?
Posted by BONY16
How high should my credit score be to purchase a home?There is no absolute standard for what a credit score has to be in order to purchas... Read More
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