Wednesday June 26, 2019

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Collection Agencies
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I recently applied for a mortgage refinance and found out that a collection agency had reported a debt of $166. This $166 dropped my fica score by almost 100 points. This seems outrageous to me, how someone with nearly perfect credit since first establishing credit could possibly lose a 100 points for this.  Now instead of a very low rate, I'm stuck having to wait 30-45 days hoping this is fixed and the rates are still low. The debt is a dispute I had with a company over a service they performed that I did not approve or consent to.  I have contacted the business and they've agreed to call their collection service, TEKcollect, to have it removed from my report.

I geuss my question is, in these cases who does the burden of proof lay on. Is a simple invoice from the company with no approval by the consumer validation enough to be put on a credit report. How would I go about keeping a disputed debt like this off my report. A debt that has no contract, approval, or any link to my social security number.


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