Monday February 18, 2019

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had to file bankruptcy, can you give me some suggestions
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I was forced to file bankruptcy chapter 7 two years ago. I was told at the time that I can't be refused a loan, I would just be given an higher interest rate. I have received many credit card offers but I have learned to manage my finances with out opening a credit card. Now, I am looking for credit scores (which the you are linked with) only gives you 7 days to cancel the trial offer or you are charged; not 30 days. I am unable to get a loan through my own credit union, I still pay my mortgage but it isn't being reported and I am paying my utilities. How do I get prequalified to buy another house??? I don't have any other bills now except my mortgage and utilities. I only discharged credit cards after they doubled my interest rates making it impossible for me to pay. I have more money now than I ever did and a nice sized down payment. Can you give any suggestions?

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