Sunday May 22, 2022

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About the Editor

Walter E. Burch
Walter Burch, Editor-In-Chief of, brings more than twenty-five years experience as a writer, producer, broadcast journalist, and managing editor in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Throughout his career, Mr. Burch has written and produced educational media, financial reports, radio, television, and multimedia presentations for leading corporations such as JP Morgan/Chase, First Data, Computer Sciences Corp, Merisel, AT&T, and many others.
Mr. Burch's forthcoming book, The Prosperity Promise, The Proven Path to Financial Freedom, will feature insights, inspiration, and step-by-step advice from many of the world's foremost experts on how to create, and live, a debt-free life of abundance.
About Us

Our Mission

The mission of is to be the most trusted name and resource in the area of credit, consumer finance, and identity theft education -- advancing our purpose to help you Be Credit Smart, Save Money, and Protect Your Identity. is written and produced by financial reporters, broadcast professionals, and educators. Before you begin reviewing the articles, features, and resources on the site -- we want to congratulate you for taking the time to learn more about your credit and the impact it can have on your financial future.

Credit, for better or worse, is a reality of modern life. How credit is used is a matter of choice: Credit can be used wisely to help achieve the dreams of owning a home, a car, or financing a college education. Or, it can be used casually to ring up impulse purchases and credit card debts whose true cost cannot be calculated in dollars and cents.

We encourage you to become a personal credit expert. Understanding credit, how to use it wisely, and making sure your credit reports are accurate, can not only help you save a lot of money -- they can also be your "first line of defense" against identity theft.

One of the most important things to know is that it is up to you to take charge of your credit. You, not the credit bureaus or your creditors, are in control of your personal credit. Indeed, the only person who knows if the information contained in your credit reports is accurate is you. Commit yourself to understanding and monitoring your credit, so you get the most out of your credit and the most out of your life.

We wish you much success!


Walter E. Burch


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