Sunday May 22, 2022

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7 Common Warning Signs of Identity Theft
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What are some of the common warning signs of identity theft?

The warning signs of identity theft may be obvious, but it is important to review a few of the most common ones:

  1. You receive bills from a credit card account that you did not open.
  2. You discover a "credit inquiry" on one of your credit reports indicating that someone has applied for credit in your name.
  3. You are contacted by a collection agency regarding a debt that is not yours.
  4. You are turned down on a credit application for a credit card, mortgage, or other form of credit due to unauthorized debts that appear on your credit report.
  5. You see unauthorized charges you don't recognize on your credit cards, bank accounts, or even long distance bills.
  6. Your bank account has been suddenly and inexplicably drained or depleted.
  7. Your bank statement or credit account statements do not arrive on time. This is a sign that your personal information, including your address, may have been changed without your authorization.
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