Sunday May 22, 2022

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What's in Your Credit Report? (Video)
Walter Burch discusses the information in your credit report and how you can review it. The information in your credit report determi... Read More
Understand Your Credit Score (Video)
On this video, Walter Burch discusses the various categories of information that are contained in credit reports and how each of these ... Read More
Establishing Credit (Video)
Walter Burch discusses how to establish credit. Even if you normally pay for purchases using cash or checks, you still should know... Read More
Nine Ways to Protect Yourself From ID Theft (Video)
Identity Theft has been called "the fastest growing crime in America" affecting millions of Americans each year. Nearly 10 million people... Read More
Why You Shouldn't Close Old Accounts (Video)
Will closing old accounts help your credit score? Many people, when reviewing their credit reports, may notice old credit accoun... Read More
Does Checking Your Own Credit Lower Your Score? (Video)
Will checking your own credit report hurt your credit score? When your credit is checked, this creates what is known as an "inquiry."... Read More
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