Sunday May 22, 2022

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What's in Your Credit Report? (Video)
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Walter Burch discusses the information in your credit report and how you can review it.

The information in your credit report determines your credit score, and your credit score directly affects how much money you pay in financing charges on a new home loan or refinance, auto loan, and more.  Your credit score can even affect your insurance rates as insurance companies have their own proprietary insurance risk scores that can have an impact on automobile or homeowners insurance rates.

You may be surprised to find out that credit reports and credit scores can actually save you tens of thousands of dollar or much more over your lifetime. 

For instance, over the life of a home loan of $225,000, good credit can help you save more than $100,000 dollars over a 30 year period.  That's why doing everything possible to achieve a good credit report and score is well worth the effort.

Do you know your credit score?  Do you know what's in your credit report?  If you haven't taken the time to get on top of your credit and stay on top of it, it's time for you to join the growing list of credit smart folks who no longer leave matters related to credit to a loan officer, the credit bureaus, or anyone else.  It's that important.  You should be in control of your own credit, at all times.

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